Bandicam 2014-02-25 14-34-21-186

Dropped RSPU (Seriously who would do this?)

Bandicam 2014-02-25 14-32-34-956

A player holding the RSPU

Reyne's big d... ( JK ) big scythe


Uses: No ammo.

Damage: Non-boss type Insta kill

Store cost: N/A

Rarity: Uber rare



  • Player/zombie insta kill
  • Large (High chance to hit)
  • Large (Low Y axis hit)
  • Overpowered*


  • Large (High visibility)
  • Multicolor with Flames (High visibility)
  •  Wanted item (New players will want it)
  • High chance to die with it

Writer's opinionEdit

How could you not love this?

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