PSG1 Edit

RobloxScreenShot10202015 141100698

The in-game gun model of the PSG1.

The PSG1 is a sniper rifle that can be obtained from Weapon Crates. The sniper rifle does fairly high damage and can 1-shot any non-vest user.

Statistics Edit

Name: PSG1

Weapon Type: Sniper rifle

Damage: 1-Shot, 2-3 shot to vest users

Rarity: Fairly Uncommon, available from Weapon Crates

Ammo: 7.62MM Magazine

Pros and Cons Edit

Pros Edit

  • It is a one-shot kill, making it one of the best non-rare sniper rifles.
  • The ammo can be bought from shop.
  • It is fairly easy to obtain the sniper, judging it's a very good one.

Cons Edit

  • It is very loud.
  • The reload time is a bit slow. But not too slow.
  • Shot delays after first 2 shots.

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