Bandicam 2014-02-25 14-15-35-234

Someone holding a Katana

Bandicam 2014-02-25 14-15-58-730

A dropped Katana

A Japanese sword that is used to kill Players/Zombies in Deadzone Remade. It can be obtained by looting or buying a game pass, and is recommended CQC (Close-Quarters-Combat)


Uses: N/A

Damage: 20 - 50

Cost in store: N/A

Rarity: Common (Gamepass obtainable)



  • Great for stealth
  • High-ish damage
  • Not easy to notice


  • Loud-ish swing sound
  • Small, high chance of death

Writer's opinionEdit

I love it, I sneak up on bad people and slash them in half and loot them for their stuff, Probably the best item (besides the Scimitar) for stealth.

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