The Golden Swagshooter is a admin gun.

The Golden Swagshooter can only be obtained in the following ways:

Golden Swagshooter beside ammo

Killed an admin,

Killing a player with the Golden Swagshooter in their inventory,

Ammo Edit

The Golden Swagshooter uses the following ammo:

Gold Box[es] (1337 Bullets)

Stats Edit

Ammo Used: Golden Box[es] (1337 Bullets)

Damage: 6000 Blood + Bleed

Form of Fire: Automatic

Rate of Fire: High

Rarity: Very Rare

Recoil: High (If prolonged shooting occurs)

Original Design Edit

Originally designed as an admin weapon for the old admin OldieGoldie along with the golden domino crown, Golden Ghille and Golden BV.

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