A common rifle that is found with two STANAG 30 magazines beside APCs, in the wreckage of airplanes and helicopters, and at the airport. It takes STANAG 30, but can also take STANAG CMs or STANAG Boxes. It is fully automatic and the recoil is moderately strong, but it can easily be countered with a grip or a bipod.

RobloxScreenShot04192016 131635-406

The inventory symbol for the G3.

RobloxScreenShot04192016 131241-963

The G3 equipped in first person.

RobloxScreenShot04192016 124424085

The G3 on the ground.

RobloxScreenShot04192016 131253-660

The G3 equipped in third person.

RobloxScreenShot04192016 131232-50

Aiming down the sights of the G3.

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